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Ninebot - P

Ninebot - P

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Ninebot - P
Controller KeyIntelligent DashboardNinebot Proprietary System with Propulsion System by Blitz GmbHFEA GRID Design Wheel Hub with Resin/Steel Fusion Tyre450 Wh Super Lithium Rechargeable E-car BatteryBluetooth Pairing | iOS/Android APP control enabledInt'l Shipping PackagingNINEBOT - P Porcelain BlackNINEBOT - P Porcelain White
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Ninebot - AMD [Assistive Mobility Device] is a self balancing easy to use robotic mobility device that serves you in situation when it is too near to drive and too far to walk. The revolutionary technology behind Ninebot is similar to your inner ear balancing sensory that keep you standing upright.

Unlike riding a bicycle and keeping in balance, riding on a Ninebot is intuitive.
There is no need learn any unatural movement or skills. All you need is to stand on Ninebot and it assumes your centre-of-gravity as you aboard.
A slight lean forward similar to walking and your Ninebot heeds the body attitude and glides ahead.
To stop simply stand upright like you usually do when you stop walking.
Tilt the opration bar to the left or right to turn your Ninebot as you glide.
Its that simple and learing to ride a Ninebot takes less than 3 minutes, it's that intuitive.

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Material Aluminum Alloy / Magnesium Alloy / Lexan Fx Engineering Polymer
Propulsion System Blitz GmbH, Servo Dynamic with Ninebot Proprietary Alogrithm | Rated output: 2700W
Wheel Assembly FEA Grid Design | Lexan with Resin Steel Fusion Tyres
Package Dimension Mainframe: 1190mm x 163mm x 128mm | Operation Bar: 620mm x 444mm x 470mm
Product Weight Nett: 23.5 Kgs
Top Speed / Range per charge 20 Km/H | 20 Km range per full charge
Redundancy Backup Steering Sensor | Gyroscope | Battery | Torque Management
Battery 55V/450 Wh Super Lithium SMART Rechargeable Battery | Charge Cycle: 1,000 / 30,000Km
Extra Urban Bluetooth Remote control | USB Charging Port 5V/1A
Payload Rated 100 Kg
Inclination Rated: 20 Degree
CO2 Emission (g/km) Combined zero
Warranty Comprehensive All parts : 12 months
Optional [can be purchase separately] Extended Service Warranty & Maintenance
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