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Ninebot Mini Pro

Ninebot Mini Pro

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Ninebot Mini Pro
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Life can be a playground to explore and enjoy the birds are singing in the park, and the gentle breeze kisses your face…What are you waiting for?

Step on a Mini Pro without further ado and feel the speed of wind and experience the magic of technology! This amazing robot automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Wanna go forward? Just lean forward. The high-performance, cutting-edge control algorithm works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Mini Pro can cope easily with all normal road conditions, and will take you 30 km[1] on a journey of fun. Go wherever you want whenever you want. Explore the wonder of Mini Pro. Let’s look for the next fast, fun ride!

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Composite Material Aluminum Alloy / Magnesium Alloy / Lexan Fx Engineering Polymer
Wheel Motor 800 Watts x 2
Ground Traction Pneumatic | Resin Steel Fusion Tyres
Package Dimension 64cm x 32cm x 37cm
Product Weight Nett: 12.8 Kgs
Top Speed / Range per charge 18 Km/H | 30 Km range per full charge
Steer System Duo Telescopic No-hands Steer System
Battery 55V/310 Wh Super Lithium SMART Rechargeable Battery
Algorithm Bluetooth Remote control | SMART Auto-learning
Payload Rated 100 Kg
Inclination Rated: 15 Degree
CO2 Emission (g/km) Combined zero
Warranty Comprehensive All parts : 12 months
Optional [can be purchase separately] Extended Service Warranty & Maintenance
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